Tales From Plexis
Tales form Plexis
Cover design and art by Roger Czerneda
Nominated for Best Artist 2019 Aurora Award

When I opened my Trade Pact setting for fans of the series to join me in this anthology, adding backstory to favourite characters and creating new ones, I was blown away by the result. So much so, I wrote a new Sira and Morgan story to tie every one together into what reads as a brand new novel!

When Plexis demands an unfair tax on the truffles filling the hold of the Silver Fox, destined for Huido’s restaurant, Sira and Morgan travel the supermarket to enlist the aid of old friends. Little do they realize how many secrets from the past will be stirred up–and the vital importance of what they hadn’t known before.

Featuring original stories by:

  • Amanda Sun
  • Doranna Durgin
  • Donald R. Montgomery
  • Fiona Patton
  • Paul Baughman
  • Elizabeth Farley-Dawson
  • Marie Bilodeau
  • Mark Ladouceur
  • Wayne Carey
  • Violette Malan
  • Sally McLennan
  • Ika Koeck
  • Natalie Reinelt
  • Nathan Azinger
  • Janet Elizabeth Chase
  • Morris Allen
  • Rhondi Salsitz
  • Karina Sumner-Smith
  • Chris Butler
  • Tanya Huff
  • Heather LaVonne Jensen
  • Jessica McAdams
  • and Julie E. Czerneda

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Tales From Plexis