Night’s Edge Series

In the Verge, magic flows like water and dragons own the sky.

In the everyday world, people laugh and love and go about their business.

But in places where those realms touch, magic and dragons and far more spill into the world of people. You can see them at sunset, at night’s edge, when the light of one realm briefly overtakes the other’s.

Such a place is Marrowdell.

“For my first fantasy novel, I set out to write what I was missing. A book to curl up with, a book like hot cocoa with sprinkles of joy. A story full of wondrous inexplicable magic as well as pie. Love letters and loving families. With a dragon. My kind of dragon. And, of course, toads.”

Julie E. Czerneda

There’ll be three more novels of Night’s Edge—and possibly more. Stay tuned!

A Turn of Light
Night’s Edge #1
Night’s Edge #2
Night’s Edge #3