The Clan Chronicles Series


This trilogy is a prequel to the Trade Pact, introducing Aryl Sarc, her people, and how the Clan came into their power—and Human space. I suggest reading these first.

Reap The Wild Wind
Riders Of The Storm
Rift In The Sky
The Trade Pact

This trilogy is the one I wrote first. Starting here is fine as it sets up both the relationship between Sira di Sarc and Jason Morgan, as well as how the Clan live among Humans. The stories in Tales from Plexis are set in this time span. The tenth anniversary edition of A Thousand Words for Stranger contains the related short story “Brothers Bound” originally published in Sirius: The Dog Star edited by Tanya Huff and Alexander Potter, DAW Books

A Thousand Words for Stranger
Ties Of Power
To Trade The Stars

This is the finale trilogy of the entire series and should be read last.

This Gulf Of Time And Stars
The Gate to Futures Past
To Guard Against the Dark

An anthology of original stories by other writers set in my Trade Pact universe. I’ve linked them together within my own story called “A Holdful of Truffles,” featuring Sira and Morgan, so the entire book reads like a single novel.

Tales From Plexis