Cover design and art by Roger Czerneda

How do you mark a quarter century? While parties are great—and we’ll have those—I wanted to distill the time in a tangible way. To hold it in my hands, and share with you, dear readers, in celebration and appreciation.
But how?
A collection! I dove into my published short fiction. Some I included because they were challenging to write. Several show my growth as a writer. I love them all. There’s science fiction, fantasy, and, yes, horror.

If you know me only from my novels, welcome to the darker, deeper corners of my imagination.

Coming August 24th, 2022

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Table of Contents

  • 1997 First Contact, Inc.
  • 1998 ’Ware the Sleeper
  • 1998 Dear John
  • 1999 Prospect Park
  • 2001 Left Foot on a Blind Man
  • 2003 Bubbles and Boxes
  • 2000 Peel
  • 2004 Birthday Jitters
  • 2012 Water Remembers
  • 2014 A Taste for Murder
  • 2019 Duck Duck Goose
  • 2022 A Pearl from the Dark

Includes Author Notes and Fiction Bibliography