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The Gate to Futures Past, Reunification #2, now in mass market!





Tales From Plexis

Thank you to all who wrote stories! We're going through the submissions now. Click HERE for information and updates. The 1st Round rejections (always tough) will be sent out after the Canadian Thanksgiving.


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To Guard Against the Dark

In Stores October 10th!

To Guard Against the Dark

The final volume of the Clan Chronicles.

Fingers interlaced, her hair stroking his cheek, they’d walked the nights of ninety-nine worlds. Floated in space to watch planets spin. Lain naked on mossy ground, lost in one another, under so many stars--

Those had been real.
These couldn’t be.


Cover art by Matt Stawicki ; From DAW Books in hardcover and ebook. Also a SFBC release!



Julie Czerneda


I've started work on Esen's new adventure, Search Image. It starts shortly after the events in Hidden in Sight.
Follow along at #esensback
Publication: fall 2018!