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Esen's Back!

Coming October 2nd in Hardcover and Ebook

Book One of her new Web Shifter's Library Series!!

If you haven't met Esen yet, I've written an introduction for you here.

If you're old friends and fans of the Dear Little Blob? The wait's almost over. These new stories pick up after Hidden in Sight and soar onwards and upwards!

Paul and Esen have built their "All Species' Library of Linguistics and Culture" and everyone's come with problems to be solved.

What could possibly go wrong?


Cover art by Matt Stawicki ; From DAW Books in hardcover and ebook.



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And There's More!

Special E-novella - Click Here to Buy from Amazon Now!

Esen Meets Evan Gooseberry!

Because October's too long to wait, a early treat for you. Evan Gooseberry is a diplomat-in-training, who happens to be afraid of aliens. Pretty much all of them. And fruitcake. But he'll need the help of a certain Dear Little Blob if he's going to save the day.

Evan's one of my favourite new characters. Earnest, young, courageous, and quirky. There's only one problem.

He's not ready to meet the strangest alien of them all.


Cover art by Matt Stawicki ; From DAW Books in ebook format only.


Click here for "Esen's Message"!
The Original Series, re-released last year in gorgeous trade paperback editions, and out in ebook as well. What better way to wait for Esen's new adventures, than to pick up her first and enjoy?


To Guard Against the Dark

In Stores Now! Paperback Release
September 4th


Fingers interlaced, her hair stroking his cheek, they’d walked the nights of ninety-nine worlds. Floated in space to watch planets spin. Lain naked on mossy ground, lost in one another, under so many stars--

Those had been real.
These couldn’t be...


Cover art by Matt Stawicki ; From DAW Books in hardcover and ebook, mass market to come. Also a SFBC release!


The concluding trilogy of the Clan Chronicles,
the finale of the story of Sira and Morgan,
is complete.


Julie Czerneda

Upcoming Books and Events!

I've updated my Events page with a list of releases for 2018 as well! WHOOO!! This shall be an epic year, folks!




I'm delighted to announced I'll be a guest at ConStellation Nebraska, April 2019! Hope to see you there.


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