The Saga Continues...


In ALLTHEREIS, what had been substance, bleeding Power to feed those who'd discovered it, vanished...

While in normal space, what had been a starship became a moving cloud, momentum working with gravity to smear its droplets in a long, brilliant trail.

In ALLTHEREIS, the Watcher who remained saw the feeders scatter, chased by odd, tiny streaks of vitality.

While on the surface of Brightfall, there were those who marveled at the brilliant trail arching across their sky.

And those who prepared.


Hardcover and ebook editions from DAW Books. A Selection of the SFBC. Featuring cover art by the amazing Matt Stawicki

The time has come to learn the truth.


The final volume, To Guard Against the Dark, is now out in stores everywhere!


Julie Czerneda

My cool author photo by Roger Czerneda Photography!

The lost civilization called the Hoveny Concentrix was introduced in my short story "Brothers Bound," included in the 10th anniversary edition of A Thousand Words For Stranger.
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