So Much Ahead!

I'm thrilled to be back with Esen, one of my--and your--favourites. She lets me toss in all the biology I want, have fun, and still hits me in the heart pump every time.
This winter, I'm looking forward to a change of genre. It's time to write fantasy again, starting with the standalone I've been working on and dreaming about, for years. GOSSAMER MAGE.
Add to that, more time meeting you, dear readers. I can't wait! -- Julie


2018 New Titles!!!

This is an exceptional year for me. Hold on to your hats, and watch here for signing announcements:


September 4th Online everywhere: "The Only Thing to Fear" A Web Shifters story. This special novella will be your first look at Esen and Paul's Web Shifters Library and introduces Evan Gooseberry, one of my favourite new characters!


September 11th In stores! Mass Market release of TO GUARD AGAINST THE DARK


October 2nd In stores! Hard cover release of SEARCH IMAGE!!! #1 of Esen's new Web Shifters Library series! The blue blob of good intentions is back!


But wait. There's MORE!


December 4th In stores! Trade paperback of TALES FROM PLEXIS, the anthology of all new original stories set in my Trade Pact Universe, wrapped up in a brand new Sira and Morgan story that takes place before TO TRADE THE STARS.



Can-Con, Ottawa ON
October 12-14th 2018

Was Fantastic!!!


I'm coming next year (barring the unforeseen). Mark your calendars: October 19/20th 2019!

It's also CANVENTION! WHOOO The Aurora Awards!.


World Fantasy 2018, Baltimore Maryland
November 1-4th 2018

Looking forward to this very much. Reconnecting, inspiration, book people everywhere!

I'll be reading Friday afternoon at 5 pm.


ConStellation Nebraska
April 26-28 2019

I'm delighted to announce I'll be returning to Nebraska as the Author GOH! Wonderful place and people. I can't wait!

More details as I have them, but bonus?

My agent, the inestimable Sara Megibow, will be there too! You can ask us ALL THE QUESTIONS!

More announcements to come.



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