1. My sincere thanks to everyone who allowed me to use their materials on this website, beginning with Luis Royo. His art has graced my covers and it is a honour to feature it in my new website. If you wish to see more of his work, please visit I’d also like to thank those who were inspired by my stories to create their own art, especially Janet Chase, Lorne Kates, Karina Sumner-Smith, Sarah Jane Elliott, and Peter Maloney. Their creations are not only my prized possessions, but are a wonderful compliment. I’m proud to share them with you. Thank you, Scott Czerneda, for your help in determining the sort of content to include. Thank you also to Jennifer, Stephanie, Philip, and Tony, for being our first testers.
  2. Above all, my thanks to Roger Czerneda. This website is his creation and a true labour of love. I’d never imagined anything so splendid and will always be grateful.

Disclaimers and Legal Notes

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Julie E. Czerneda, May 2010