Tales from the Wonder Zone

Wonder Zone
Golden Duck Special Award for
Best Science & Technology Education
Polaris Award
Canadian Science Writers Association
Winner: Science & Society (Youth)

What do you get when you give talented authors the science topics being taught in grades 4 through 9? Astonishing science fiction stories
that fit into any educator’s program.
Welcome to the Wonder Zone.


Covers and interior art by award-winning artist,
Jean-Pierre Normand.


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Stories in Stardust (for beginning independent readers)
  • A Special Introduction by Dr. Gregory Benford
  • “Alien Games” by Annette Griessman
  • “Looking Through Glass” by Mark Leslie
  • “The Doom of Planet D” by Alison Baird
  • “Catching Rays” by James Van Pelt
  • “Shine” by Beverley J. Meincke




Stories in Explorer (for competent readers, 8 and up)
  • A Special Introduction by C.J. Cherryh
  • “The Snow Aliens” by Derwin Mak
  • “Moonfuture Incorporated” by Pat York
  • “The Word Unspoken” by Marcel Gagné
  • “By Its Cover” by Isaac Szpindel
  • “Rain, Ice, Steam” by James Alan Gardner



Stories in Orbiter (for confident readers)
  • A Special Introduction by David Brin
  • “Just Like Being There” by Eric Choi
  • “Space Divers” by Annette Griessman
  • “Dragonfly” by Mark Canter
  • “Tether” by Jean-Louis Trudel
  • “A Strand in the Web” by Anne Bishop (novella)



Stories in Odyssey (for confident readers)
  • A Special Introduction by Greg Bear
  • “Jigsaw” by Douglas Smith
  • “Skeeters” by MT O’Shaughnessy
  • “Tides of Change” by Sarah Jane Elliott
  • “To Feast on Royal Jelly” by Francine P. Lewis
  • “source material” by Laura Anne Gilman
  • “Treasures” by Annette Griessman
  • “Defining an Elephant” by Peter Watts



Stories in Polaris (for confident readers)
  • A Special Introduction by Amber Church and Tyler Kuhn
  • “Attractions” by Jane Carol Petrovich
  • “Polar Shift” by Emily Mah
  • “Aptitude” by Marcelle Dubé
  • “Frozen Witness” by L. Shelby
  • “The Lost Land” by Claire Eamer
  • “Above the Pole” by David DeGraff
  • “Shining Field” by Anna Paradox
  • “Under Martian Ice” by Stephen Baxter
  • “Swept Away” by Sarah Niedoba (winner of the International Polar Year Student Writing Contest)



All Wonder Zone titles are available from Fitzhenry & Whiteside.



Stardust (grade 4 and up)
2002 by Trifolium Books Inc.

Explorer (grade 5 and up)
2002 by

Orbiter (grade 6 and up)
2002 by Trifolium Books Inc.

Odyssey (grade 7 and up)
2004 by Trifolium Books Inc.

Polaris: A Celebration of Polar Science (grade 8 and up)
2007 by Star Ink Books