Realms of Wonder

Realms of Wonder


I was asked by English teachers who'd seen the Wonder Zone if I'd do fantasy anthologies themed to fit into their curriculum. The result?
These magnificent books, brimming with superb stories, that make an excellent addition to language arts programs.

Bonus? They're wonderful to read for themselves.


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Summoned to Destiny
  • A Special Introduction by Tanya Huff
  • “Tangled Pages” by MT O’Shaughnessy
  • “Stormsong” by Ed Greenwood
  • “Riverbend” by Ruth Stuart
  • “The Colors of Augustine” by Michelle West
  • “White Shadow” by Marie Brennan
  • “Offering of Trust” by Jana Paniccia
  • “A Prayer of Salt and Sand” by Karina Sumner-Smith
  • “When Dragons Dream” by Kevin G. Maclean


Fantastic Companions
  • A Special Introduction by Kristen Britain
  • Companions Familiar
  • “House of Cats” by Catherine Dybiec Holm
  • “Mountain Challenge” by John Mierau
  • “Just Hanah” by Doranna Durgin
  • Companions Disguised
  • “The Day Michael Visited Happy Lake” by Matt Walker
  • “Eggs for Dinner” by Jay Lake
  • “Dances with Coyotes” by John C. Bunnell
  • “Riverkin” by K.D. Wentworth
  • Companions of Power
  • “Wings to Fly” by Fran LaPlaca
  • “Last of Her Kind” by Janny Wurts
  • “Blood Ties” by Sarah Jane Elliott
  • “Dragon Time” by Ruth Nestvold
  • Companions Unexpected
  • “Robes and Wands” by Janet Elizabeth Chase
  • “Uncle Ernie Was a Goat” by Kent Pollard
  • “A Sirius Situation” by Daniel Archambault
  • “Once Upon a Toad” by Wen Spencer



Mythspring: from the Lyrics & Legends of Canada
  • A Special Introduction by Julie E. Czerneda
  • “Mirror, Mirror” by Genevieve Kierans
  • “Windigo” by Mark Ladouceur
  • “All the Cool Monsters at Once” by James Alan Gardner
  • “Over Lunar White” by Lorne Kates
  • “Under Summons” by Tanya Huff
  • “Walking with Wolves” by Alison Baird
  • “This is the Ice Age” by Claude Lalumière
  • “Family Trees” by Fiona Patton
  • “Over the Darkened Landscape” by Derryl Murphy
  • “After November” by Roben Goodfellow
  • “The Harpy” by Lynda Williams
  • “The Ghost of Watson’s Mill Is Online” by Daniel Archambault
  • “This Ink Feels Like Sorrow” by Karin Lowachee
  • “Safe Passage” by Karina Sumner-Smith
  • “The Universal Soldier” by Charles de Lint
  • “The Lady of Land’s End” by Genevieve Kierans



Fantasy for Language Arts

Summoned to Destiny
(Theme: the search for self)
2004 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Cover by Kenn Brown & Chris Wren, Mondolithic Studios


Fantastic Companions
(Theme: anthropomorphism in fantasy)
2005 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Cover art by Heather Bruton


Mythspring: from the Lyrics & Legends of Canada
(Theme: story sources; types of fantasy; Canadian culture)
Co-edited with Genevieve Kierans
2006 Red Deer Press
Cover by Kenn Brown & Chris Wren, Mondolithic Studios